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Bigg Boss Show History / Wiki

Bigg Boss is a famous and very controversial Indian reality TV show, which has hosted several seasons broadcasted on Colors TV and 18 channels on Viacom. 13 seasons have been finished, and now the preparations for the Bigg Boss season 14 have begun!  The host of the famous reality show revealed the date of Bigg Boss 14 shortly after season 13 ended.

Bigg Boss 14 Start Date

The news said that show will come out in around seven months (four to five months from now), i.e. Bigg Boss 14 will PREMIER October 1 2020, While its First Episode will start on 4th October 2020.

Endomel Shine India is preparing the next season of Big Boss. The pattern of the show, as always, is that it will be consisting of 13 players who would either be celebrities or commoners. Wildcard entrants would also be there, as always!

Bigg Boss 14 Start

Bigg Boss 13 Season Highlights

At the time when people still haven’t managed to get out of the charm of season 13 of the biggest Indian reality show Bigg Boss, we know that next season is about to come.

Just when people still love the entire craze around Bigg Boss 13, the doors of the house of Bigg Boss will soon be knocked at! While season 13 proved to the most exciting season of Bigg Boss history, the buzz here for the next season is more exciting. The fans are hoping that Bigg Boss 14 will be another really exciting season, so all of us will see what the show has to offer this time!

Bigg Boss 13 Winner Name

For many reasons, Bigg Boss 13 appeared to be in the headlines. The fans were not happy when the season 13 started, but it ended on a very good, yet controversial note. Last season, Sidharth Shukla was hailed as this huge Salman Khan Series winner while Asim Riaz became the first runner up.

It was in the news that both Sidharth and Asim had the same number of votes, but the makers decided Sidharth to be the winner. However, the season was special in its own way, as many things happened for the very first time in the house of Bigg Boss. And right at the time when the excitement about season 13 can potentially clam, we’ve got previews of season 14 here. So let’s not keep you waiting!

Bigg Boss 14 Theme Concept

To meet the fans’ hopes and expectations, the upcoming season has to be very creatively and carefully designed. It is looked forward to that Bigg Boss 14 will be exciting and full of the drama than ever. To do so, the series must once again open the doors of the Bigg Boss house to the commoners.

Commoners have been in the show many a time, but it has been very recently where more commoners than celebrities have happened to be in the house. The news is that the registrations for the upcoming show started in March 2020 through the official website of Colors TV and Voot application. The auditions for the show are expected to be starting from May 2020.

Celebrities In Bigg Boss 14

Now when we know about the auditions for commoners, let’s talk about the celebrities who will join the show. The important thing is that when the Bigg Boss house turns into a zoo, only 4-5 celebrities will be joining the competition.

Many celebrities have been contacted and are being contacted to join the upcoming season of Bigg Boss. The number of celebrities contacted is around 50 but some of their names came out.

Celebs in bigg boss 14

These include  Harshat Chopra, Dynand Shetti who was also contacted previously, Jasmine Bhasin who is contacted for the third time, Zain Imam from Khatron ky Khilari, Shivin Narain who was taken in place of Asim in season 13 but he dropped his name, Karan Vahi who is already being contacted many times, Sidhant Gupta, Nidima Pandit, and Sana Saeed, our little Anjuli from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. These are some names that got revealed; let’s see who we get the chance to see in season 14!

In addition to all the preparations being done and celebrities being contacted, there is some news revolving around the upcoming season that may be disappointing for the fans. Right before the finale of season 13, the news came out that Salman Khan was not happy with Sidharth being declared as the winner.

A news resource quoted “Salman Khan felt that the channel was a bit biased towards Sidharth Shukla throughout the season. The superstar was left angry after the channel decided to pick Sidharth as the winner.” Many sources claim that the famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan will not be hosting the upcoming season. However, there is no surety on whether Salman Khan will be leaving Bigg Boss 14 or not. Let’s hope that the fans are not disappointed as to hosting their favorite reality show!

Will Corona Virus Infect The Start Date of Bigg Boss 14

Another negative news buzzing around the Bigg Boss 14 All Episodes is the starting time of the new season. As the world is dealing with the ongoing pandemic of Coronavirus, there is ambiguity about the kickstart time of the show. Let’s just hope that the crisis ends soon and everything comes to the routine so that the fans can enjoy the highly awaited season of Bigg Boss.

The months of September and October are always exciting for the Bigg Boss fans. Every year around this time the excitement around Bigg Boss takes off and it goes on until the season ends. All the Bigg Boss fans are hoping that they get to see Bigg Boss season 14 as planned by the makers.

Do you happen to be a Bigg Boss fan? Did anyone of you out there miss out “Pooja, what is this behavior?” memes? The answer would be a big NO! Well, it was the Bigg Boss that gave internet this famous meme along with many other famous fights! And now when we are in quarantine, we can relate to Pooja’s behavior well, right?

Another season of this popular and controversial TV show, with all its excitement, suspense, thrill, and drama, is coming out for its ardent fans soon! So keep your hopes high and fingers crossed, the upcoming season would not fail to entertain you!


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